Every year, on the third Thursday in March, more than 15,000 graduating medical students across the country encounter the biggest moment of their burgeoning young careers. On Match Day, a computer algorithm pairs students with hospital residencies in nearly every field of medicine. The Match determines where each graduate will be assigned the crucial first job as an intern, and shapes the rest of his—or, in increasing numbers, her—life.

Match Day (St. Martin’s Press) is a dynamic, revealing look at three female doctors as they pass through this intense day and take on their first, turbulent year as medical interns.  With his girlfriend entering the medical profession, journalist Brian Eule provides an unprecedented look into both this process and the lives of these new doctors as they face pressure-packed decisions and try to balance any personal life with a profession that demands everything from them. Match Day provides a real-life drama that shows how each comes to learn what it means to heal, to comfort, to lose, and to grieve, all while maintaining a professional demeanor— and the incredible process by which doctors are made in this country. 


"Like the best of Hollywood awards ceremonies, this book’s hook may be what is in those little envelopes; but it’s the show that is riveting." --The New York Times

“Eule is a gifted storyteller with a knack for anecdotes... Required reading for future doctors.
--Kirkus Reviews
(Starred Review)

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