Month: November 2017

Preparing for the Unprepared Holiday Events

Preparing for the Unprepared Holiday Events

Are you ready for the holiday season?  I don’t mean are you ready to go shopping like mad, vacationing, partying and eating.  I’m asking if you are ready for the time when you are inundated with folks trying to sell you anything in sight while others are sending you notices of upcoming bills and events that use up the money you try to save by shopping for bargains.  If you aren’t ready you are not alone at all.  Every year people swear that they will be ready and prepared to enjoy the holidays, and every year they find themselves working like dogs to get things done at 11:00 PM on the very eve of the holiday.

So how do you manage to get a handle on all that stress and strain?  One way is by incorporating it into the event.  After all, how much of our pleasant memories of past holidays include some event gone wrong, or something that was totally unanticipated.  Many people have memories of the time a carefully prepared meal didn’t come out right and they were forced to order something from a crowded restaurant at the last moment.  And who doesn’t remember the time when a tree fell, or the lights blew out?  Some of our fondest memories are of things that didn’t go as planned.  Who doesn’t remember with fondness the reaction when a gift carefully picked out from a selection like that from Hudson’s Bay catalogue turned out to be something the recipient already owned?  That’s a big reason many of us rely upon gift cards these days.  We get one with a Groupon coupon or promo code, then give them to our friends and loved ones, and feel glad that we haven’t joined the club of those who circulate gifts around from one to another, or who store them on a closet shelf of memories.

Yet sometimes we may feel a sense of loss for the feelings we had when we received a present from someone, even if it happened to be the worst color or the wrong size.  The real value was in the spirit of giving and receiving.  Fortunately, we haven’t completely lost that spirit yet, regardless of how much society and technology have changed our lives today.…

Doctor Excuses for Missing Work

Doctor Excuses for Missing Work

What are some of the factors that can make you to miss work? Most people usually miss work due to illness or when they have an injury but there are others who don’t come to work because they are tired or bored. These are some of the factors why you require fake doctors’ notes so that you can be able to defend yourself when you return to work.

When you should get the doctors notes

There are several companies today and each of these companies has different policies that they use in their place of work. Therefore it is very key for you to know what your company requires and the doctor’s notes should be able to convince your boss that you were indeed sick or you were having a certain problem that prevented you from going to work. There are other companies that don’t require the doctors’ notes to be submitted because they believe their employees can’t cheat when they take a sick day. Most companies do not require a sick off when you don’t report to work for one or two days but may require one when you exceed two days.

Extended medical leave

In case you illness will take more time it will require that you look for a doctor’s notes that you will use or that you will give to your employer so that he or she will not think that you are lying. These notes that you will get from your doctor are very important because they will assist you to get some benefits as stated in the family and medical leave acts. Therefore it is important for you to look for an experienced doctor who is able to give quality notes so that you are doubted. In fact he does not need to specify the nature of illness that you were suffering from and this is stated in the health insurance portability and accountability act.

Doctors’ notes and disability accommodations

There are some types of treatments that will require special accommodations at your work place and in such cases ensure that you have a document from your physician that will state the same. This will enable you not to be allocated some duties because you are not able to perform them to perfection. It is not a must that you specify what you are suffering from but your doctor will write you some notes that will assist you to be exempted from some duties. Doctor’s note for work is very important and should be presented to your employer at the date of reporting or in accordance to the company policies.

Don’t fake it

It is very risky when you fake the doctor’s notes on your own. When you are looking for the doctor’s excuse for absence ensure that you are very keen so that you get the one that is legitimate and that will not put you in trouble. You need not worry where you will get them from because nowadays you will be able to all the scams, notes and letterheads online. A fake doctor’s excuse can make you to lose your job and therefore you need to be very careful.…